Draft: KDE 3.1.1 Released to Fink Unstable

Attached to this is what's going out as an announcement tomorrow. If you see anything that needs clarifying, let me know, otherwise, release the hounds!

I've put KDE 3.1.1 into unstable.  This is primarily a bugfix release.
For a general idea of the things that changed upstream, see the KDE
3.1.1 change log at:
The following is a list of changes related specifically to the Fink
packages of KDE 3.1.1:
- qt3 was updated to 3.1.2 -- This includes some fixes to the makespec
that should resolve issues of using qmake for standalone projects.
- The MacOSX-specific KDE build system changes have been brought
up-to-date with Peter O'Gorman's latest libtool changes, along with
some other cleanup.  Most of this was done as part of sending
changes upstream to KDE.
- Tons of code cleanups went into the KDE-Darwin tree, mostly removing
old cruft that had built up since getting KDE building on MacOSX
- The KOffice package was updated with a bunch of bugfixes from CVS.
The following non-core packages were added to the KDE category in this
- acqua-graphite: an aqua-like theme for KDE which does a pretty good
job of blending in with the rest of the desktop.
The following non-core packages were updated in the KDE category in
this release:
- kio-kmd (version 0.3): a KDE ioslave for running commands as input
to a program (ie, try typing "cmd://echo hi" into konqueror)
- kmud (version 2.0, new CVS snapshot): a program for accessing MUDs
- konversation (version 0.10): a simple IRC client
- mosfet-liquid (version 0.9.6-pre4): the popular aqua-like widget
theme for KDE.
- quanta (version 3.1.1): a very powerful HTML editor.
A number of other packages had minor updates, mostly related to upgrades
of the build system.
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