Geronimo! Big KDE updates.

Got KDE 3.1 moved to Fink stable this morning, so far things seem to be going OK.
Also been working on slicker stuff recently -- I cleaned up the build system some and made a RedHat RPM spec. You can basically build with a 'make rpm' now and get freshly baked packages. =)
I'm in the middle of importing the latest prerelease of KDE 3.1.1 into the KDE-Darwin tree. I also sent an updated version of the KDE-Darwin admin patch (including Sam Magnuson's changes) to kde-core-devel.
Lots of administrivia going on, but it looks like things are cleaning up nicely. Once I'm done with the 3.1.1 import, I'm going to take another look at making modifications to KDE's build system to build the module/binary kdeinit stuff automatically. Still haven't quite figured out how that's going to work.

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