D-Bus updated, also, new KDE/Mac snapshot

I've put out a new D-Bus package for Fink with the official 1.0 release. It's been sitting in my experimental tree for a while but it seems to be pretty solid and I never heard back from the previous maintainer. If you are using anything that wants D-Bus, please let me know how it works out.

Also, while I haven't really had any time to do real development on it, I did kick off a new build of the KDE/Mac binaries and put them up on the web site -- please let me know if you run into any issues.

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4 comments to D-Bus updated, also, new KDE/Mac snapshot

  • pulling them down now. Thanks so much for making these builds.
    The 10/25 snapshot’s kmail whined about not having kgpg and, as others reported, the konqueror was in rough shape, but I assume that’s an upstream issue. Here’s to hoping it’s better.

  • Andrew Nurse

    Can I ask if these will work running less than OS X 10.4? (I’m not complaining. The load you’re carrying is incredible. I’m just wondering as I’m still on 10.3.9).

  • How would one go about building Quanta against these binaries? Quanta+ has always been my favorite web dev environment, but it never quite fit on my Mac. X11 was just a bit too clumsy, and Quanta Gold was too buggy.

  • Excellent work. Thank you for making the build available. It is great motivation to get involved. Great having an option for a native build. I do understand there is lots more work to do, especially the back ends, like sound, media, printing etc…
    I hope I can get time to help, well at least if not with coding, with moral support! 🙂