It’s Playoff Beard Time


In the '05-'06 Stanley Cup run, I grew a pretty substantial playoff beard, just for the heck of it. (see fig. 1, pictured right)

This time, the Hurricanes are doing a great charity event for the Kids 'N Community Foundation: the Beard-A-Thon!

When the regular season games are over, I'm going to shave, and then grow a playoff beard as hard as I can.

Now, as I mentioned, it's a charity event, and I need you folks to help me out, by pledging at the Beard-A-Thon page. Don't forget to enter "Benjamin Reed" where it says, " There's a specific beard grower I'd like to support."

Pledge now!

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6 comments to It’s Playoff Beard Time

  • wvmac

    The penguins are doing the same thing. Are you only supposed to grow the beard as long as the Hurricanes are in the playoffs? If so, your beard won’t get very long. 🙂

  • Benjamin Reed

    Funny, since the Hurricanes/Penguins series this year was 2 and 2, I guess you’re saying the Pens won’t make it very far either?
    Also, you clearly hate children, since you don’t want them to get help from a charity.

  • wvmac

    I like puppies. Does that count?
    Anyways I hope you get some donations.

  • bobby

    you use the gif format? yuck -10

  • Benjamin Reed

    Yeah, because browser support for MNG is so awesome? What else does animation reliably nowadays without embedding a movie or flash or something?

  • Louie

    Is that Little Bobby Tables ( I see? Oh, I agree with him! GIF is so distasteful due to the drunken vagaries of its past. YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE THAT FORMAT HAS BEEN! I prefer using a rapid automatic page refresh and a specially crafted daemon that replaces the image file to increment the frame. I’ve been using it to animate erotic images on my Golden Girls fan page for ages! So far, no one has complained.