This Week in OpenNMS, Friday January 30th

It's time for another This Week in OpenNMS. I will be skipping next week's, as I'll be too busy sunning myself in the caribbean and hanging out with a bunch of rockin' bands on Ships and Dip V. Ahhhhh....

Project Updates

  • Stable: Current Release is 1.6.2

    1.6.2 seems to be holding up nicely, although there have been some reports of issues with JMX thresholding that need to be investigated more deeply still. If you're having issues and can add some details to the bug on the subject, it would be appreciated.

  • Unstable: Current Release is 1.7.0

    Trunk is still moving crazy fast, so hopefully we'll be getting another 1.7 release out there soon when a few things settle down, so people can help test. In the meantime, feel free to try the nightly snapshots (if it's not on a production system, of course).

  • Trunk: Acknowledgement Daemon

    Dave continues to make progress on Ackd in between crazy days at the TeleManagement Forum's Team Action Week (more on that later). Hopefully it will be ready for folks to test it out in the next few weeks.

  • Trunk: Inventory Daemon

    Fresh off the heady high of getting WMI support in trunk, Matt Raykowski has started work on on inventory daemon, which intends to provide a more flexible interface to systems asset and inventory information than our current (anemic) asset system.

  • Trunk: Provisiond

    Provisiond continues to progress towards something usable. Matt's been working on finishing the scanning code, and Matt and I both have spent some time this week making an optimized SNMP table tracker which will let us perform operations on collected SNMP data as it comes in, so scans of nodes with large numbers of interfaces will happen in a more timely manner.

    I also finished up this week a RESTful API to the Provisiond importer, which will let you edit and create model-import and foreign sources. The web UI is next, and will use this API for creating provisiond's configuration.

  • Trunk: RANCID Support

    Guglielmo continues to flesh out the RANCID API. Work has begun on the OpenNMS web UI side of the implementation, and small changes are still being made to the RANCID java bindings.

  • Trunk: Node Page Updates

    Donald continued his work on making the node page more dynamic.

TeleManagement Forum's Team Action Week

OpenNMS, represented by OGP members Craig Gallen and David Hustace, is participating this week at the TeleManagment Forum's (TMF) Team Action Week (TAW) in Lisbon.

Craig is leading the TMF Interface Program (TIP) Reference Implementation (RI) team and we will be creating open source implementations of TIP interfaces starting with Service Problem Management (SPM).

The artifacts created by the reference implementation team will be libraries that can be used to develop NGOSS-compliant components in service provider applications. OpenNMS has committed to working on the Service Problem Management (SPM) interface (Alarms), Inventory, Performance Management, and Trouble Ticket implementations. For more information see the interface program page on TMF's web site.

Upcoming Events

If you have anything to add to the events list, or you wish to be a Dev-Jam sponsor, please let me know.


That's it for now. We'll see you again, in a couple of weeks! As always, if you have questions, comments, or angry hate-filled missives to send, let me know.

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