Rock Band Downloadable Content (DLC)

So this is a bit off-topic, but I am addicted to Rock Band. One of the things that makes it so great is the huge amount of downloadable content available to expand the game with new songs, and stuff comes out weekly.

However, it's hard to tell what a song is, just from the title sometimes. Turns out you may know it but not realize you know it. I wanted to be able to hear the song before deciding whether it was worth downloading. I suspected that there were plenty of other folks who had a similar itch which needed scratching. So, I did something about it. =)

I've been looking for an excuse to do something "real" with rails, and this was it. In just a week of spare time, I've thrown together this:

It's not yet very pretty, but it does the job, you can preview the original artist tracks for each of the songs available through XBox Marketplace and the PS3 Online Store.

If you notice any issues, please let me know.

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4 comments to Rock Band Downloadable Content (DLC)

  • hahaha awesome…my fiance and i last night were bugged because we were trying to DL songs but couldn’t listen first

  • tl

    Found this on the scorehero forums. Love it! Thanks a bunch!

  • This is fantastic– I just checked out the Xbox DLC today, and was amazed by how hard it is to find basic information about the tracks they sell. Usually the band’s name isn’t even on the first screen of info!
    So, thank you.

  • Mark

    I love the list. One thing that would be cool would if you had which songs had a Big Rock Ending. I think it would play in to my purchasing decision.
    I believe the current list is (based on a post in the rock band forum):
    Hard to Handle
    War Pigs
    Cherry Bomb
    Shake (from the OXM content)
    Working Man