OpenNMS 1.3.8 Available

OpenNMS 1.3.8 is out. The biggest change is that it runs on Windows, with a spiffy GUI installer, even. Well, technically the installer should work for any platform, but it was written to make installation easier on Windows, where there is no real package management. 😉

RPM and Debian packages are prepared as well, so everything should be good to go.

There's plenty of other nice small changes in this release across the board; it's definitely clear that we're approaching ready to put out a stable release. Other than a few small features that we still want to implement, things are definitely looking really solid from a bug standpoint. (A sizeable percentage of our support customers are already running on the 1.3.x series, it's so much better than 1.2.)

So if you haven't tried OpenNMS out yet, check it out, it's the best release yet! And feel free to drop by the discussion lists or irc if you have any issues.

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