OpenNMS Rockin’

So I know I've been quiet, but I've been busy as a bee, mostly with OpenNMS.

First of all, I've been spending time prepping for the 1.3.7 release, closing bugs, documenting, and writing code. 1.3.7 is ramping up to being an awesome

First of all, brozow found a pretty major performance issue in the way we're scheduling and writing RRD data. It is now an order of magnitude faster to collect the data and get it queued for writing, so once again we're I/O bound. 😉

Second, we spent some time completely reworking the ICMP (ping) code, it is crazy efficient now, and the code is considerably easier to understand. No more 2-pages-of-code-to-do-a-simple-ping. Discovery is way faster, and overall ICMP handling is much improved.

That paved way to the new MultiICMP monitor, a clone of Tobi Oetiker's wonderful SmokePing tool. I wrapped that up this week, and it's happily chugging away in the new codebase.

Also, we've embedded Jetty into OpenNMS, so we no longer require Tomcat for our Web UI (although we still offer the option if you need to split things out, or already have a servlet container.) This will simplify installation immensely, to the point where you'll be able to yum/apt-get/rug install opennms, edit the discovery conf, and have a working system out of the box.

Trunk is pretty solid at this point, the only work to do really is documentation and fix a few older bugs that need to be cleaned up. Woot!

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