DevJam Hacking

So I've been having a lot of fun at my first OpenNMS DevJam. We've had a lot of fun geeking out and I've had a chance to work on some neat bits of code.

First of all, we released OpenNMS 1.3.6, which as I mentioned before, removed all of the JNI code from the build, simplifying packaging and distribution immensely.

In addition, we're now working on embedding Jetty so it won't be necessary to install a separate servlet container like Tomcat to be able to use the web interface.

While I was at it, I implemented a pet project, Bonjour service advertising -- so your OpenNMS web instance will be easily located from any Bonjour-capable web browser, like Safari or Camino.

There's also a lot of cool work going on with a Google Web Toolkit UI that's looking very promising.

I've been very impressed by the facilities provided by the University of Minnesota. The dorm rooms are much nicer than what I had back in the day, and our conference area is great -- blazing fast internet (I grabbed Solaris 10 x86 at about 2 MB/s), comfy lounge furniture, plenty of tables, a huge TV (for the Wii, of course), and a kitchen. The other campus facilities (food, etc.) have been really nice as well. I'm not sure if other schools have done similar things, but I would have killed to have this kind of stuff when I was in school. 🙂

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  • lane

    Didn’t know you’d be in town. I’m a fink user, and I’d love to say hi (and a huge thank you for your fink work!) in person. I know you’re probably busy; but I am at U of M and I’ll be on campus on Thursday. Email me (dowobeha at gmail) if you’d have a free couple of minutes, and I’d love to stop by.