OpenNMS on Mac OS X

So I started my new job with OpenNMS monday, and after the requisite "help us clean up the support ticket queue" work that any newbie should be forced to go through (grin), I've been trying to get the latest OpenNMS release working in Fink.

I must admit, despite the fact that 1.3.2 came out in January, I'd been putting off updating it because they it had been converted to maven. Now, maven is awesome. However, it's not very compatible with the "build offline" way that packaging works in Fink -- not to mention a number of other packaging projects.

I've figured out the magic to make maven treat a downloaded tarball of dependencies as a repository, and have everything building/working now. (Yay) I'll put it in Fink tomorrow, after some testing, but it's looking good.

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4 comments to OpenNMS on Mac OS X

  • Can you post an explanation? We’ve been talking a bit about maven at my work and it would be interesting to see what you had to do to it.

  • GrapeApe

    So, I guess I’ll be getting a Fink/OpenNMS shirt any day now?

  • Tanner:
    Well, it depends on what you want to do. If you don’t mind a build going out to the network when packaging, maven is fine out of the box.
    On the other hand, if you do, you end up needing to make a mini-repository-mirror. I rm’d my ~/.m2 and did a build, and then created a tarball of the ~/.m2/repository directory (minus the things *from* opennms) and then created a my-settings.xml like this:
    Then call mvn with the “-s my-settings.xml” argument, and it worked, even with maven in offline mode (which means no remote connections allowed).
    You tell me, did you get a tracking number when you ordered? 😉

  • This new learning amazes me, Sir Racoon Fink.
    I’ll have to pick your brain and roll this into the Debian packaging scripts as well.