…Another Door Opens

So that was quick.

It turns out I got an offer I couldn't refuse. In an odd twist of fate, I will be working on the OpenNMS code base, for the third time. (This one's the charm, right?)

I will be doing community-facing stuff, as well as helping out with all the little things anyone has to do at a very small company. I get to do what I love, which is: a little bit of everything. 😉

Thanks to everyone for their support, I guess I'll see you folks in #opennms on Monday! (OK, technically I'm already there, but man, that's not as poetic.)

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5 comments to …Another Door Opens

  • Congrats! Considering you’re already a member of the OGP, this isn’t too surprising! 🙂

  • w00t! You couldn’t have landed with a better crew! Congrats both to you and to the OpenNMS team for landing you!

  • Congrats, Ben! Of course it wouldn’t take long: guys like you are in high demand.
    Say hey to Taurus and the gang.

  • w00t! Glad the project is getting you full-time. Looking forward to meeting you at Dev Jam!

  • If you’re already on there I was probably talking to you a few weeks ago. I came in because opennms doesn’t work with Xen virtual machines. Big pain in my rear end. Anyway, if you could fix that, I would happy 🙂 But seriously, congradulations. OpenNMS is a great product. By far the best network monitor I’ve ever used.