KDE on Mac OS X – Talk at aKademy

So I've been sitting on this for some time while I made the plans, but it is now officially official, I'm going to be speaking at aKademy 2007 in Glasgow! I'm really looking forward to meeting all the folks I've only talked to in IRC before and really get a chance to hang out with the amazing KDE developer community.

If you'd like to get together, just drop me a line and we'll figure something out.

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3 comments to KDE on Mac OS X – Talk at aKademy

  • Joan

    He, sorry for posting here … I’be been downlowading your snapshots for a couple of months willint to use amarok on my mac.
    In this last release there is no way to download kdelibs and kdemultimedia from with bittorrent. Are there any problems with the tracker?
    Is there an alternate download?
    Thanks for your wonderful job!!

  • D’oh! I had rebooted the server a few days ago, and didn’t start the torrents back up on it. Should be better now. 🙂

  • Joan

    Cool, I could download kdemultimedia-20070412 but … it’s the only one that remains 🙁
    Thanks for your work, hoping to have working sound in amarok soon!