KDE Updates Galore

First of all, I released a new snapshot of KDE/Mac on the KDE4/Mac site. These include support for the phonon-xine plugin, and sound in Amarok (and presumably other things that use phonon) now works! Unfortunately, the collections code seems to have issues, so no collections yet. 🙁

Second, I finally got KDE/X11 3.5.6 out the door in Fink unstable, along with KOffice 1.6.2. Nothing mac-specific changed, just the new features discussed in the upstream announcements.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let me know!

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4 comments to KDE Updates Galore

  • Hi RR,
    as soon as I get a new MBP I’ll start blogging a bit more regularly about your work in German. I really appreciate what you’re doing but I can’t install the KDE4/mac on my rather old iBook running 10.3.9 🙁
    It looks so promising.

  • It seems the torrent for ‘everything’ is still the old snapshot, could that be updated? cheers

  • Justin

    yeah I installed the new everything.dmg yet my sound doesnt work, also amarok crashes when I try to change to the xine engine.
    I have tried building the packages manually with you packages.sh script but they always fail at a lipo could not figure the architecuture of /var/tmp.xxx.oo.

  • Paul

    with the previous version i could start amarok, but with this one amarok crashes after a few seconds