New KDE/Mac Build: Amarok Included

Amarok on KDE4/Mac

Last night I finished a new build of KDE/Mac which includes Amarok, building on the great work the Amarok team's done on Amarok 2.0 porting.

In theory, sound should work (I've added GStreamer and kdemultimedia's phonon-gst backend to the mix) but in practice it doesn't. Now that I have a solid build working, I'm going to try digging into figuring out why that is the case.

As always, please bang on it, and let me know if you see any major issues.

Also, I've started working on packaging kde4 for fink. For now it is the X11 version, but as I get things cleaned up, I'll add the Qt/Mac version to the mix. I'll put a note up when there's something useful along those lines...

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7 comments to New KDE/Mac Build: Amarok Included

  • paul

    Thanks you for your work, but:
    1 Amarok starts good, but i can’t add music to the database.
    (screen Building Collection Database is on for hours)
    2 Amarok crashes when choosing Amarok Theme)

  • I wouldn’t have much faith in neither the Amarok phonon backend nor on the phonon-gst.
    But thats real nifty. 🙂

  • Yeah, I’m not expecting it to really work yet, but it’s definitely a start. 🙂

  • guy

    recently upgraded to the new build, and konqueror no longer functions. error msg follow:
    kio (KSycoca): WARNING: Found version 103, expecting version 104 or higher.
    kio (KSycoca): WARNING: Outdated database found
    konqueror: ERROR: No ksycoca4 database available!
    when i get time, i suppose i should uninstall the old version of kde/mac and resinstall the new??

  • Roger

    Unless I’m blind, I dont see kate in this release, ive seen it before … is it missing?
    Its really nice to have native KDE applications, thanks alot!

  • I believe kate has moved to kdesdk, which I haven’t packaged yet. I’ll have to add it to the list.