New KDE/Mac Snapshot

I set off a new unattended build last night and had packages in the morning, so it looks like KDE trunk is still pretty mac-friendly at this point. 😉 The new torrents are on the new wikified KDE/Mac page and seeded. Please give them a shot and let me know.

I haven't had a chance to look into the D-Bus <--> launchd integration, and it's unlikely I will in the immediate future, but in the meantime, this should give you any of the updates that have gone on in trunk since the last snapshot.

After having looked at the CoreFoundation APIs for reading plists, I feel vastly unqualified for trying to read/write ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist in the D-Bus code, so if anyone with real C experience is interested in giving it a shot, take a look at Thiago's pending D-Bus autolaunch patch which adds support for autodiscovery of the D-Bus bus address if you're logged in to an X11 session. It should be pretty easy to adapt that to work with setting the values in ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist (and eventually launchd).

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1 comment to New KDE/Mac Snapshot

    I download the everything torrent, at 200Kbytes/s +
    it upgraded my old installation with no fuss. I tried kmine and kstarts, works great. actually just got few problems with konqueror. but I’d guess they are refactoring it right now. KDE4 isn’t suppose to be stable anyway at this time, isn’t it 😉
    anyway great job there. this is awesome.
    I just wish programs could fine the proper ICON, not some kind of apple script thingy.
    thanks a lot.