Smooth Sailing with Leopard

So we've been working frantically to get Fink things up and running in a basic way on Leopard. I'm told that Fink HEAD now bootstraps cleanly, and we've been slowly working our way through smoke-testing building various things.

For the most part, it's been really smooth, compared to this time in the previous cycle. The Tiger WWDC preview was nearly unusable; it was enough to get a taste of things to come, but so much was broken at the system level that it was hard to get things working reliably. It took a number of seeds before we could really do much work on 10.4.

That's definitely not the case on Leopard. Other than a few minor buglets, stuff has been working remarkably well. I've probably only had to tweak maybe one in ten packages to get where I am, and those have been minor changes (mostly standard fixes related to POSIX compliance -- "#include <sys/types.h>" and such).

I've managed to get a decent amount of KDE/X11 built, and it seems to run just fine:

KDE/X11 on Mac OS X Leopard


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4 comments to Smooth Sailing with Leopard

  • how can we get a copy of Leopard WWDC preview?

  • Go to WWDC, or have someone from your company go. (If you hold a seed key and someone from your company has a copy it’s OK to use it, as I understand.)
    Or, if it’s anything like Tiger, sign up for ADC Select or higher, and you’ll get it in the mail in a month or two.
    If you’re expecting me to tell you how to pirate it, you’re looking in the wrong place. 🙂

  • Sven

    Looking at the Leopard+KDE picture… would it be possibile to integrate the Kicker – and especially the K menu – into the Dock, à la Windows Start Menu in Virtual PC 7? Maybe that would integrate KDE a little better into OS X, thus reducing redundancy. Just an idea; there could also be other ways to do something similar, of course, in the OS X Dock or Menu Bar…

  • adding to the last comment I would also like to see the systray applet integrated. but not into the Dock, cuz both Windows and KDE has proven this systray app is not the best UI. I would rather see the systray applet as a Dashboard widget.
    I think, that would be awesome.
    about getting Tiger WWDC preview. Thank you for the info. I hadn’t heard of ADC Select before. Pirating it was of course not the intention of my message.