KDE/X11 3.5.3 in Fink Unstable, KDE4 updates

KDE 3.5.3 is in Fink unstable (10.3, 10.4-transitional, and 10.4). It looks like there's an issue with kdenetwork3 building in 10.4-transitional, and a couple of people have reported some strange build errors in kdegraphics3 that I can't reproduce, but other than that I think things are looking pretty good. There aren't really any OSX-specific changes, but a few build system things have been cleaned up.

In other news, the D-Bus branch of kdelibs has officially moved to trunk. This means no more DCOP weirdness on Mac OS X. (yay!) I've put together updated versions of my (universal) KDE4 support binaries that include Qt 4.1.3 as well as D-Bus and it's dependencies. Note that I don't provide a CMake package anymore, you can get Mac OS X binaries from the CMake site.

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7 comments to KDE/X11 3.5.3 in Fink Unstable, KDE4 updates

  • DCOP is dead

    Also from Planet KDE, DCOP is officially dead with respect to KDE 4.0, and D-BUS now takes it’s place. I’ve seen no mention of a compatibility layer for legacy applications, I wonder what is required on the part of programmers to adapt to t…

  • sorry for asking a question here. but I just installed the binaries of KDE 3.2 (old) and I get DCOP errors such as “Could not start process Unknown protocol ‘file’.”
    any idea if I can get it to work?
    I know you are working hard on getting kdelibs trunk (4) to compile, but newer working binary packages would be so great.
    thank you very much for bringing KDE to OS-X.

  • zpok

    For the past week I’ve been trying to get kexi installed on OS X 10.3.9. I am getting horrible error messages (prebinding overlap or something) when attempting to build koffice or kexi.
    The fink beginner archive is out, so I’m not sure where to look for help. Can you recommend good beginner support information? I’ve already worked myself through the fink faq, docs etc.
    And incidentally, do you know the timeline of the kexi os x port? I’m really too excited about this I think. An access-like relational database builder, just incredible…
    Feel free to mail me if you find the time.
    Did I thank you already? Thanks! I really hope to get things running.

  • The mailing list is working fine, as far as I know. Could you be more specific?
    The prebinding overlap warnings are just warnings, and are alright, they’re a side-effect of the tricks fink does to prebind binaries.
    If you’re having other errors, I cant’ help you unless you tell me what they are. Please e-mail me the details of the failure back to the last gcc line.

  • zpok

    Fink and its faithful commander are compiling and compiling, so the advice you gave me seems to have worked. The fink beginners mailing list archive still seems to be down, here’s the message I get:

    Couldn’t contact hugh:8010
    The web interface is down for maintenance.

    Thanks for the very prompt reply. Just incredible and very rewarding.

  • skip

    could you build ktorrent with this version of kde?