KDE/Mac Progress

Yes, yes, I know it's what you've all been waiting for... With SourceForge's CVS server being down, I've been forced out of much Fink work for a bit, so I've been taking stock of where the KDE/Mac port is. I figured I'd wait to post about it today, since if I did so yesterday, no one would believe me.

Tanner Lovelace has been taking some notes on getting things up and running, and has been working with the CMake folks when he's run into bugs, and it looks like thinks have been moving along pretty nicely.

A recent commit from Hamish Rodda wiped out the crappy KAccel mess that was very X11-specific and hardly portable. With that change, kdelibs builds, and I've been able to get a few small apps running, although there are still a lot of issues with things in flux after the KAccel (and some i18n) changes. I've even managed to get some nightly and continuous builds going on an intel 10.4 box and a ppc 10.3 box so we can track failures a bit easier.

I've updated the notes on building KDE/Mac from source if anyone's wanting to help out. It's definitely reached a point where people can start playing and hacking on things enough to get some apps running. (No, there are no pre-made binaries yet.)

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1 comment to KDE/Mac Progress


    Wow, that’s cool. I’m really looking forward to the day when KOffice 2 runs. 🙂
    NeoOffice is not bad, but I find the slow loading time annoying.