Updates Since Feb 11th

A lot has been going on. We've been working hard to make sure things work in the 10.4 tree, and doing build tests on 10.4/x86. I think we're starting to get close to being able to put together a bindist.

I've posted a few updates recently, but nothing about what's been going on in my packages, so... It's update time. 🙂

  • cairo: Cairo 1.0.2 got moved to stable, and 1.0.4 was released to unstable.

  • commons-codec: Version 1.3 was released to unstable.

  • commons-fileupload: Updated to 1.1 in unstable.

  • commons-httpclient: Updated to 3.0 in unstable.

  • commons-net: Updated to 1.4.1 in unstable.

  • commons-resources: Updated to a recent CVS snapshot.

  • commons-validator: Updated to 1.2.0 in unstable.

  • DBD::Pg: Version 1.43 was released to stable.

  • DBI: Stable was updated to 1.50.

  • distcc: Unstable got updates to support my build translator for using cross-compilers. and went through a few revisions.

  • EKG: Stable was updated to 1.6 final.

  • flex: Flex came out of abandonment and got a new release (and a new website).

  • giflib and libungif: 4.1.4 of both giflib and libungif were released to unstable and then stable.

  • Glitz: Glitz 0.4.4 was released to stable.

  • GNUPG: A number of security updates were released by the GNUPG folks. I ultimately updated the Fink packages to, and released to unstable and then stable.

  • GStreamer: gst-plugins-ugly 0.10.1 was released to unstable, and a few 10.4 x86 GStreamer fixes went in as well.

  • imlib: Version 1.9.15 was releasedd to unstable.

  • imlib2: Version 1.2.1 was released to stable. (Version 1.2.1 of both imlib2 and the optional imlib2-loaders were first released to unstable.)

  • KDE: The KDE packages had some minor build/fix updates.

  • libidn: Version 0.5.20 was released to stable.

  • MailTools: Stable was updated to 1.73, and unstable to 1.74.

  • MIME-tools: Unstable was updated to 5.420.

  • Net::Daemon: Version 0.39 was released to stable.

  • new perl modules: I was tinkering with Catalyst and Rose, and ended up packaging a ton of perl modules. Array::Compare, Catalyst::Engine::Apache, Catalyst::Model::CDBI, Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication, Catalyst::Plugin::Authorization::Roles, Catalyst::Plugin::DefaultEnd, Catalyst::Plugin::Session, Catalyst::Plugin::Session::State::Cookie, Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::File, Catalyst, Catalyst::View::TT, Class::DBI::Loader, Class::DBI::Pg, Class::Factory::Util, Class::Inspector, Clone, Clone::PP, Configfile, DateTime::Format::Builder, DateTime::Format::MySQL, DateTime::Format::Pg, DateTime::Format::Strptime, DateTime::Locale, DateTime, DateTime::TimeZone, File::Copy::Recursive, File::Modified, File::Temp, HTTP::Body, HTTP::Request::AsCGI, Image::Size, Lingua::EN::Inflect, MIME::Types, Module::Install, Module::Pluggable::Fast, NEXT, Object::Signature, Rose::Conf, Rose::DateTime, Rose::DB::Object, Rose::DB, Rose::HTML::Objects, Rose::Object, Rose, Rose::URI, Template::Timer, Test::MockObject, Test::Warn, Text::Balanced, Text::SimpleTable, Time::Local, Tree::Simple::VisitorFactory, UNIVERSAL::can, UNIVERSAL::isa, and UNIVERSAL::require. (whew!)

  • pinfo: Updated to 0.6.9 in unstable.

  • PlRPC: Version 0.2018 was released to stable.

  • PostgreSQL: Unstable was updated to 7.3.14, 7.4.12, 8.0.7, and 8.1.3. Also thread-safety was enabled in PostgreSQL 8.0 and 8.1.

  • QCA: Version 1.0 was released to stable.

  • Qt: Updated to 3.3.6.

  • RRDTool: Unstable was updated to 1.2.12.

  • Squid: Stable and unstable were updated to 2.5-STABLE12.

  • taglib: Version 1.3.1 was released to stable.

  • unsermake: Unsermake got updated to a 0.4 snapshot in unstable.

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