Fink KDE + other updates

I released KDE 3.4.3 into the wild today, among other things.

  • amarok: updated to 1.3.3

  • KDE: updated to 3.4.3. Notable updates include:

    • KDevelop: really really finally (I swear!) fixed C/C++ project loading. And oh, man, is it a hack. But hey, who's counting? 🙂

    • KOffice: updated to 1.4.2

    • Everything Else: just a version bump, nothing major. For details on what's been changed upstream, see the change log.

  • PostgreSQL: updated to the latest bug-fix releases. Also, updated the mirror list for all of the PostgreSQL packages.

    • PostgreSQL 7.3: updated to 7.3.11

    • PostgreSQL 7.4: updated to 7.4.9

    • PostgreSQL 8.0: updated to 8.0.4

    • Java: updated to build 313 JDBC driver

    • PostGIS: updated to PostGIS 1.0.4

  • Squid: updated to 2.5.STABLE11 and fixed a daemonic upgrade/removal issue.

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