No promises, but…

...if you've been watching #kde-devel or #bksys, I've been working on helping ita and coolo (and others) work on bksys, in the hopes that we can make it happy with Mac OS X, and thus pick up porting KDE4 to Qt/Mac again.
I've got things to the point where they link, although bksys still has some very large deficiencies in support for the fundamental differences between OSX and other unixes.
I *think* tiger's dynamic loader is to the point where I can ignore the "everything's a dylib" issue for now, but there's still much to clean up.
If you're interested in helping out, drop by #kde-darwin and/or #bksys, and check the kde-nonlinux mailing list to keep up to date.

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6 comments to No promises, but…

  • dmacks, channeling a sterotypical jackass

    I mean seriously, what’s the hold-up here? Just take the damn sources and compile them already! If you’re having trouble finding the right compiler, I think Apple has some agreement with the XCode company to let you download compilers for free. (Talk about things that would never happen in the Windows world!) Check out their website sometime…
    I keed I keed:)

  • How bad is the shared library vs module thing? Unfortunately, I’m unlikely to be able to upgrade to Tiger any time soon. 🙁 Maybe I should see if I can lend a hand there…

  • John

    Awesome I’ve been waiting to read these words for months

  • zpok

    Here’s another one of those “keeping my fingers crossed, wish I could help” mail:
    Keeping my fingers crossed, wish I could help!

  • John

    This is great news. I hope the work goes well.

  • Jesse

    Hey Ben,
    I’m a lurker on your site; I subscribe to the RSS feed to keep track of fink / KDE news. I just wanted to say thanks for all the time and effort you volunteer! I use konsole and kontact (compiled from your 3.4.2 source distribution) every day as my primary terminal program, mail client, and RSS akregator on my PowerBook, and they all work great. I’m extremely grateful to you, the KDE developers, and the entire open source community for producing such quality software.
    I also wanted to express my frustration with all the clueless jackasses who seem to think open source software is an entitlement they are owed and who invariably post comments on your blog. I’m glad that you seem mostly unfazed but I know how much it upsets _me_ and I’m just an observer. I often wonder why you even leave the comment feature on.
    Anyway, kudos to you and THANKS! Oh, and congrats to you and Cynthia. =)