Progress on getting KDE 3.4 to stable

Been making some good progress on getting KDE 3.4 to stable. If you're interested in seeing what all needs to be moved, you can check the KDE Packaging Progress page on the Fink Wiki.
As for packaging, I've got qt3 updated to 3.3.5. It turns out it has the annoying attribute of actually honoring the <includehint> entries in .ui files and is causing some of KDE to break. I'm working my way through all of the KDE packages to fix the bad .ui files now and should have them all cleaned up soon.
In the meantime, if you're building KDE and have failures, revert to qt 3.3.4 and try again.

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5 comments to Progress on getting KDE 3.4 to stable

  • Brett

    The only comments people seem to leave are ‘when will kde/mac be ready?’ Let me tell you, there are plenty of people who appreciate the time you put in to the Fink packages, especially since you do it for free. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Thanks, Brett, that means a lot. 🙂

  • John

    I completely agree with the first comment. Your work is seemingly tireless, but it is appreciated by many in the fink user community. Even if we do not say it often enough.
    Curiously, when do you start porting 3.5? After kde has made the official release or during the beta cycle?

  • I figured I’d start packaging somewhere in the beta process, depending on the feedback coming back on the packagers list (there’s a private mailing list specifically for folks packaging KDE for distributions)
    It looks like things are getting to the point where it’s worth starting to investigate it. First I’m working on KOffice 1.4.2, which is due to be publicly released next week.

  • zpok

    Oh, I do agree on the above comments, but I can’t help being somewhat miffed by the lack of interest from OSS developers to make a standalone KOffice installer that would ideally work natively, or – like The Gimp – use X11.
    You only have to look at three randomly chosen mac users to find out that most of us can’t handle Fink or BIY (build it yourself). And most mac users would not want to install KDE, just KOffice (even if that actually means installing all the necessary pieces of KDE, they wouldn’t want to know this, as it’s too technical).
    I’ve said before that it’s not up to us users to call the shots, but I’d have thought doing a KOffice for OS X package would be a rewarding exercise. imo KOffice is much nicer than OO and more mac-like in its philosophy.
    I can’t offer any help – apart from writing or translating manuals – but if such a project were to start I’d happily donate to the brave developer(s) and looking at all the comments from average nosy mac users I’m sure I’d not be the only one.