Miscellaneous Fink Package Updates

I've been getting through a lot of my package backlog in the last week or two:

  • bash-completion: updated to 20050721

  • ekg: updated to 1.6-rc3, unified ssl/non-ssl versions to use the system OpenSSL, fixed build to work when python (= 2.4) is not installed (but python24 is)

  • libidn: updated to 0.5.18, added a -bin package so that libidn can be BuildDependsOnly

  • libmpcdec3: new package, version 1.2

  • libsamplerate0: new package, version 0.1.2

  • libsndfile1: not my package, but it's unmaintained, so I updated it to 1.0.11

  • qca: updated to use system OpenSSL

  • squid: unified ssl/non-ssl versions to use system OpenSSL, updated to 2.5-STABLE10

  • taglib: updated to 1.4

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