fat binaries

<RangerRick> vasi: but all our stuff isn't built around all the extra junk to do fat binaries
<drm> "universal" sounds so much nicer than "fat"
<drm> "oh, have you noticed how universal aunt martha is getting lately?"

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5 comments to fat binaries

  • Bernd

    So will Fink continue to do PPC? I’d miss you guiys for sure since I just got a brand new iMac 20″ with plans for the future…

  • Yeah. We’re already discussing how to handle things, but for the most part, it looks like it doesn’t make sense to do fat packages in the first place.
    We’ll do what we already do, just build it on 2 systems. 🙂

  • Bernd

    wow, thanks. but I can tell for sure, this is not going to be forever. This is why I really have a big grudge against apple. first they bury FW, then PPC, whats next? The user?

  • they didn’t bury firewire… geez
    they found most people buying ipods were windows users who didn’t even use the firewire cable at all and apple was shipping literally millions of unused firewire cables to customers… you know what that is? wasted money, wasted metal, wasted plastic… just waste.
    Can they afford to do it, sure. Should they bother? no not really.
    Stupid Firewire diehards act like it’s dead or some shit i swear. It’s still the defacto standard for harddrives and video cameras same as it always was, apple still sells the chords. it just didn’t make sense to continue wasting like that. They got rid of them and they dropped the prices significantly so it’s not like you can’t go buy your own.
    As a business they need to look at the real world and it was a smart business decision. You can’t run a company on emotional attachment.
    Especially not emotional attachment to a wire of all things
    geez… there are more important things for you (and i) to spend our lives doing.

  • Bernd

    Hey, this is some kind of joke here in Germany. I don’t care whether they are selling FW or USB with their iPods because I don’t have one and I’m not going to buy one. Whatever.