kmail fix is in unstable

The KMail fix is in the latest unstable kdepim3 -- this was one of the last blockers for me to start considering moving a modern KDE to stable (yay!)
There are a few other minor bugs, but nothing that matters too terribly much. Hopefully soon I can move that monstrocity over.

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3 comments to kmail fix is in unstable

  • How about updating KDE in darwin ports?
    The political decisions in fink have really turned me off, so I’m using dports almost exclusively… but the ancient packages are kinda a bummer…

  • I just plain don’t have time to work on DarwinPorts, I’d be happy to help someone else do the work of maintaining it (giving pointers, explaining patches, etc.) but there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

  • rand

    Out of curiosity, what political decisions?