More Fink Stuff and KDE/Mac

Got lots more to update you on as far as Fink changes...

  • lots of KDE updates (including KOffice)
  • bugfixes to a couple of 10.2-gcc3.3 packages (xscreensaver, daemonic, vim)
  • new bash-completion (20041017)
  • fixes to base-files
  • new distcc (2.18.1)
  • new libidn (0.5.10)
  • reworked the Fink RSS news feed to validate with i18n
  • new kxmleditor (1.1.3)

I'm testing a fix for kmail in kdepim3 right now (also, an update to libmal), and when I'm done with that, I'm caught up with most of the fink stuff that really matters to me, so I can start crackin' on KDE/Mac again. Woot!

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2 comments to More Fink Stuff and KDE/Mac

  • uncle dan

    Have you had any experience with the left mouse button not working in KDE on a Mac? I just recently installed KDE 3.1.4 on
    a G5 running 10.3.3 with Xcode 1.0 using fink. Everything seems to be working but midway through the kde startup the left mouse stops being recognized by the X server and kde. The kde log file is also complaining about the quartz-wm alot during this period also. I could send you that portion of the log file if it would help. It is kde that causes the button to go out also, not just any X app. For example, without kde running, I can run XV without a problem.
    BTW, I was pointed your way by Cyrus at macworld.
    thanks in advance,
    uncle dan

  • Frederick Hoyt

    I had the same problem that uncle dan describes: left-mouse-button not responding in kde. I adapted a fix given here:
    For me the fix consisted of adding the following to my .xinitrc file:
    export KDEWM=kwin
    The problem has to do with a conflict between quartz and the kde window manager.