What’s going on?

Minor updates and Tiger fixes for a number of packages:

  • libmath++
  • wv2
  • KDE
  • automake 1.9.3 (and updated automake* and libtool14 from 10.3 to 10.2-gcc3.3)
  • glib2 (tiger fix)
  • libtiff (tiger fix)
  • tetex (tiger fix)
  • graphviz (update and tiger fix)

I'm slowly working my way through being able to build KDE on tiger with gcc4. Most of the issues I've run into have been very minor, let's hope it stays that way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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14 comments to What’s going on?

  • Excellent, maybe by the time we mortals can get hold of Tiger ther’ll be some stuff in Fink to use it with.
    Thanks for your efforts Ranger

  • Jack

    Before getting it on Tiger that is not issued yet, we can expect it on Panther maybe ?

  • Um, huh? KDE is already on Panther. I’m talking about Fink, not KDE/Mac.

  • Jeremy

    What about on darwinports?

  • And Koffice? I’ve been trying for a weekend to install it on OS X 10.3.6…no way even through fink or darwinports…what do I exactly have to do?

  • By the way thanks a lot for everything, you rock! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ced

    When will you realease an update to KDE on QT ?
    There is not update since March while on fink they have one almost every months !

  • Willing to put in a little time on KDE in darwin ports? Maybe some more time on KDE/Mac too ๐Ÿ˜€
    Keep up the good work!

  • Re: darwinports, honestly, I don’t have enough time to keep up with Fink, I would be more than happy to have someone take over darwinports maintainership.
    Re: KDE/Mac, I’ve done some work on updating it but have gotten sidetracked with work on getting things happy with Fink on 10.4. Keeping Fink working well and KDE working well on it is more important to me than “research” making things work with Qt/Mac. I will get there eventually, but Fink is more important in the short term.

  • chris c

    speaking of KDE on Mac…
    I have not heard if you did submit it for the contest and if you did how did you do?

  • zpok

    Speaking as an average user, I’d think getting native KDE (especially KOffice) support would get far more interest and users than Fink.
    I don’t know many non-technical people who successfully got Fink working – or more to the point, I know no-one, I know “of” people, but not actual flesh and blood people. I know however tons of people who’d love to try alternatives to common commercial software as long as installation is “standard” (stupid simple drag and drop or Installer).
    Not trying to dictate who or what you work for, just pointing out the obvious from a Mac user’s point of view.

  • M-Rick

    Yes that’s right, I’m agree with you. I have a lot of friends who would be interested in kOffice since it is more beuatiful and also faster than NeoOffice. But those people are not interested to have to run Fink to be able to do that. And they don’t really like X11 apps too …

  • Bernd

    I said Iยดd pay while you were without job. Since you got a job faster than me paying something I’d renew my proposal on KDE/mac ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d prefer the native version over Fink because Fink is just too slow (I actually mean X Window) and native is so nice and quick.
    But please don’t feel like were forcing you. I know it’s all done in spare time so I really appreciate what youre doing.
    Thank you!

  • Well you’ll be happy to know I’ve retooled my box for KDE/Mac work, I’m in the middle of getting all the “kdesupport” stuff built right now. I’ve got a subversion repository set up and will commence digging in over the next week or two… Going by how long it took me to get the patches up to snuff last month when I started messing with things, I hope to have something useful this week.