PostgreSQL updated

I've put PostgreSQL 7.3.7 and 7.4.5 in Fink unstable. These are bugfix releases that could fix some data corruption issues in the transaction log. There are also a number of packaging fixes, including a fix to running postgresql 7.3 when 7.4 is installed.
I've also got KDE 3.3 up to kdebase building, although there seem to be some issues in Qt3.3 PNG display (well, I'm not sure if it's Qt or KDE yet, got some digging to do.)

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16 comments to PostgreSQL updated

  • Michael Byczkowski

    Are you referring to the redish tint in PNG files? Happens here as well…
    Best regards,

  • You mean happens when you build my qt from experimental? …or with qt 3.2 in unstable? …or 3.1 in stable? What is it man!? 🙂

  • Michael Byczkowski

    Happens since a couple of days with the fink-unstable build…
    Could not get it away through rebuilding of qt or its build-dependencies…
    Best regards,

  • Michael Byczkowski

    Could it have something to do with changes to the compilation settings for Big Endian machines?

  • It appears to actually be a bug in libpng 1.2.6, if you back up to 1.2.5 it works.

  • Michael Byczkowski

    Cool, will do, thanks!
    When will you release the new KDE to unstable?

  • Jeremy

    What is the latest news on the native port of KDE to OS X?
    is the latest KDE in the repository Native to Aqua using QT Aqua or is it an X-11 port?

  • The KDE/Mac port is still on hiatus until I can get the rest of my Fink-y stuff done. The Fink stuff is useful immediately, the KDE/Mac stuff will be useful after a ton of work. =)

  • Jeremy

    Yeah, I noticed. all the programs look for dcopserver and throw up an error about it. some run afterward, some run but do not work (Konq) and some do not run at all (kword)
    all I can say is, the sooner the better, but, as you say, it will be done when it is done 🙂
    do you plan on eventually making them separate app folders with their needed support libs as part of the package, or as separate installable even, or do you foresee people having to install the morass that is the base KDE packages?

  • waiting_a long_time

    Where is KOffice for the Mac? You started it almost a year ago. Where’s the alpha?

  • scooby
    I’d like to have this added to fink, it’s a QT application.

  • waiting a long time: It’ll be ready when it’s ready. If you help with the code I’d bet it’ll be done sooner. =)
    scooby: please make a package request on the package request tracker: or you could try at least mailing the maintainer for SVN.
    Posting to random Fink developers’ blogs is not going to do much good…


    How come the KDE/QT project hasn’t been set up so that there are other people working on it as well? Surely there are people who would like to get this to work?

  • No one’s asked. =)
    Most of the important bits are in KDE CVS already, but probably a bit out-of-date. The windows port guys are actively doing a lot of work that will translate to us as well. I just don’t really have time to look at it at the moment. Feel free…

  • Loranga

    Rick, where can the Windows port be found?