Fink Updates

Yes, it's been quiet, but I assure you, I've been busy. Figured it's time to post an update as to what's going on.

  • Mono

    I've got Mono 1.0.1 all put together, just need to do some final testing and put it out. Sorry, there still is no modern mono on 10.2-gcc3.3, it refuses to build and I haven't found a solution yet.

  • KDE

    I got various builds of KDE 3.3 beta working, and it seems to have shaped up pretty well. KDE 3.3 is being uploaded right now and will go live very soon, I'm working on getting everything updated to KDE 3.3 final and I'll see if things will be ready for release... well... sometime. 😉

  • PostgreSQL

    It looks like the major problems in the PostgreSQL packages have been ironed out now. I'm working on putting together a PostgreSQL 8.0 package, too, with the 8.0 beta.

  • X Server

    The new release of the X Server is coming, and I'm going to work on packaging that up as well. I've got a package in my exp tree but haven't actually tried building it yet. 😉

I'll keep you updated, I'll be updating a bunch of stuff over the next few weeks.

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7 comments to Fink Updates

  • gdsimms

    I assume you mean KDE-Qt-X11 not KDE-Qt-Mac, right?


    Do you have MonoDevelop working already?

  • M-Rick

    What about KDE for QT Mac ?
    No updates since march now … :-/

  • Nope, I have not yet been able to get MonoDevelop to build/run correctly on Mac OS X. I might give it another shot here, though.
    As for KDE/Mac, I’ll work on it when I get the rest of my stuff worked out, Fink is always a more immediate priority to me than KDE/Mac, although with KDE 3.3 out things should be a little easier to get working again…

  • cpweather

    I look forward for X server. I have noticed that Darwinports already have it as a package.

  • Tony Arnold

    Hey Rick, I’ve built the server against your package – I updated it to CVS HEAD last week, and it finally allows prebinding across the whole package – VERY impressive 🙂 No major problems yet.
    I’ve been hammering at GNOME 2.8 for my own purposes (I’m annoyed at some of the package names), but I haven’t had time to get anything but the GNOME developer platform (not the actual desktop) built at this point 🙂

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