Mad Fink Updates

I committed some updates to a ton of stuff I've been working on for the last week or two

  • PostgreSQL: I updated PostgreSQL to enable thread-safety, as well as applying a patch from Craig Struble to fix some problems in 7.3 and 7.4 co-existing.
  • Java: I've been going through the Fink tree-comparison page to figure out what's left for me to move over. I've moved a metric ton of the Java stuff I own (Jakarta Commons, and so on) as well as updating log4j, ant, and some other stuff that's been out of date. There's more to come, I want to get Tomcat4 and Tomcat5 in the 10.3 tree, still.
  • KDE: I'm still working on KDE 3.3, it's slowly getting there. There's some problems in KDESDK and a few other things to get cleared up before I can start really testing for release to unstable.
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3 comments to Mad Fink Updates

  • cyrus

    The latest fink jce stuff doesn’t build for me. Anyone else seeing problems?

  • Cyrus Harmon

    filed a fink bug report. javac needs javac -sourcepath . for me. I guess this is becuase I don’t have . in my CLASSPATH anywhere. Now, on to why the commons-http stuff doesn’t build…

  • Cyrus

    commons-http builds properly if you tell it to look for java 1.4, fails if looking for 1.3, at least for me. What’s the intended behavior here?