KDE 3.2.3 in unstable

I've put KDE 3.2.3 in Fink unstable (both 10.2-gcc3.3 and 10.3). It's looking pretty solid, I'm gonna wait for some input and then I think it's the first 3.2.x release that will be worth releasing to stable.
Now it's time to start packaging qt 3.3 and KDE 3.3 alpha.

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9 comments to KDE 3.2.3 in unstable

  • M-Rick

    And what about KDE Open Darwin packages ??
    There’s no update since march.

  • It’s still on my TODO, but keeps getting pushed back just because it’s gonna be an insane amount of work to get it up-to-date. 🙁
    It would probably be better if someone was willing to take over my OpenDarwin packages in general; OpenDarwin is cool, but I just don’t have enough time to maintain both…


    Why are you putting so much time into FINK when QT/KDE & Open Darwin has far better prospects with Mac OS X since it is basically native in Aqua? People are far more hestitant to try something that looks different.
    Really, the best thing would be to have Konqueror and KOffice running native on Mac OS X.

  • Well, OpenDarwin doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with making a native KDE/Mac, but beside that, the point is that KDE/X11 works *now* and works well, and is useful.
    Getting the things running native is gonna take a ton more work than just updating info files and some minor patch changes to get the latest version building under X11.

  • antzzz

    Is it at all possible to import the KDE CVS into XCode and build from there? Its a pity that Mac OS X doesn’t have QT built in, and underlying… it would be great just to be about to download a KDE application, and have OS X run it natively.

  • Yeah honestly, i want you to do well and i don’t mean to detract from your own goals but to me it just seems like Qt/Mac offers you much more publicity, and for the users a hell of a lot more instant gratification. I’ll be the first to admit all the Fink stuff confuses me.. I’m a designer not anywhere near a programmer or unix geek so i don’t even bother.. where as if you could get KDE running native Aqua without X11 and all that jargon.. we’d be happy as a pig in shit and people would be genuinely interested in something that is going to offer them a free alternative to the MS office suite on the commercial macintosh platform.
    I’m not dissing the Fink project because it sounds like a great idea with a lot of good people and good ideas behind it but getting a native KDE port for OS X running using Qt for the average brain dead user is huge and offers tons of opportunities, not to mention donations.. hell maybe even grants.
    KDE/Fink might work here and now, and that is freakin awesome to the people who understand Fink, are willing to accept the ugly UI and etc but KDE/Qt isn’t going to ever work unless people work on it and there in lies the real possibilities.

  • Brett Neumann

    Honestly, I very much appreciate the work that goes into the KDE/Fink stuff. If you think about it, it is pretty cool that the Mac is able to run the Aqua desktop, KDE/Gnome desktops, as well as whatever virtual pc things out there. I too would like a native KDE/KOffice, but honestly, the work that needs to be done to create a reliable, solid port for native KDE/Qt is so much more than porting the X11 version. One of the main reasons I check this site is to see the status of the Fink version of KDE, even if it is not ‘native’, it is still quite powerful and known to be stable. I would just like to note that there are people who VERY MUCH appreciate work on the Fink version of KDE, as well as the work that has so far been done for the Qt/Mac port. If I ever have money, I will be sure to donate for all the work that you do, as it is valuable to me!

  • antzzz

    Hey, I just noticed on KDE.org, that there is a KDE on FreeBSD project? Doesn’t Mac OS X use FreeBSD? Wouldn’t that add to my idea above (if it could work)??