Engage E-Begging

So in response to the people asking for a way to donate, I've now put up an Amazon Honor System link (which is like paypal, but I don't have to be a "merchant" to put up a donation link).

Amazon Honor System

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To start with, I'm going to consider it an experiment to see if I can get the money to renew my (now defunct) ADC membership in time to help get Fink ready for Mac OS X 10.4. You need a for-pay ADC membership to get early access to the WWDC seeds (and later). For the last couple of years, I paid for an ADC membership out of my own pocket, and donated the spare seed keys to other Fink developers.

If you want to help out, just follow the link and make whatever donation you want. If you don't, I understand; still feels a little weird to be asking in the first place. =)


Another developer has offered up a spare seed key, so if those of you who donated want to cancel it (you have up to 30 days to do so) feel free. If you want to support me while I continue to be unemployed, that's great, but I can't guarantee devoting my time to fink/kde entirely right now, I'm still spending a lot of time actively looking for employment... I'll do what I can, however.

I *am* right now working on KDE 3.2.3 and postgresql 7.4 (and hopefully mono beta2 when I'm done with those), but I can't say when they'll be finished yet.

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10 comments to Engage E-Begging

  • Yoram Snir

    Thanks for choosing right (at least from my point of view).
    Sine the Israeli currency is 1/5 of yours, I started with $5.
    I’m sure that when KOffice will be on the run I could spend more.
    Thanks again, Yoram 😉

  • I’ll be dropping some cash when I get paid! Keep up the work – btw, how much DOES an ADC membership cost?

  • when you give some cash through the system (amazon) it’s written that the goal is 500$
    i guess it’s the number, right?

  • Yes, it’s $500. I coulda sworn it was $300, but perhaps that’s if you renew before it runs out. 🙁

  • Brian

    if you send me your Apple ID, I will give a seed key to you. It’s at least good until October.

  • Bernd

    Will you post current figures?
    Another thing is you could create a donor system for different jobs. This is because I like Fink and you doing that work but I’d rather spend my money on KDE 🙂
    Good luck.

  • The current figures are on the “Goal Chart”, if you click through. Right now it’s at $270.
    To Brian, thanks for the offer, but I’ve got another Fink developer offering his seed key so I think I’m alright for now.

  • Yoram Snir

    I hope that with the community support you will be able to take some of the worries out of your head.
    This will let you look for a Job while spending time on Fink/KDE.
    I prefer to see you using this money than take it back, since I’m sure you will continue your efforts for the Open Source Community.
    Yoram 😉

  • Oh sure, I’m happy to take donations for what I do, I’m not gonna turn down money, and I certainly spend a lot of my time on such things. I just didn’t want to mis-represent myself. I’ve got a seed key, so the thing I set out to get, I’ve gotten (and thanks, everyone, for your support!).