KDE/Mac Binaries Updated

The KDE/Mac binaries on kde.opendarwin.org have (finally) been updated. No new macosx-specific "features", just getting everything up-to-date to make it possible to do some real development on them again.
For more info on building and other such things, see the faq.

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19 comments to KDE/Mac Binaries Updated

  • ME

    Installed successfully on Jaguar using the webdav connection. I run KWord and receive an error about dcopserver not found. The system log shows similar entries as written in the FAQ. However, there is not a kded crash file in my home directory. Is there something I need to start before I start KWord?

  • Good morning. I manages to install these packages (on Jaguar 10.2.8) and I shall start by saying Thanks, indeed. It is an amazing acheivment !
    One minor thing, though πŸ˜‰ I cannot get any icon displayed on my toolbars. Konqueror works fine for instance, Menus are accessible and page content is displayed properly, but there are no icons in the toolbar. They are ‘here’, as hovering on them highlights them in some way, but I cannot see them. Don’t know if I make myself clear, but I can post a screenshot if necessary.
    If anyone has met and solved this situation, I’d be glad to hear about it.

  • Thomas Schlesinger

    some of the KDE-apps don’t have a menu bar on my machine (10.3.1). Konqueror, for example, has, Knode and Kopete, don’t.
    What’s the trick to get them with menu bars?

  • KDE:Mac Updated!

    At long last, new binaries are available for the KDE:Mac project which allows a user to run KDE apps natively on Mac OS X without an X Server. Click here for the maintainer’s blog or here for the installation page.

  • Sonix

    I have installed it on 10.2.8 (only the required packages plus kdebase) in the following order:
    Unfortunately, most apps crash right away when I start them. The ones that don’t crash are:
    Blank Screen/Random
    Menu Updating Tool (KAppfinder)
    Find Files
    Desktop Settings Wizard
    Also, all icons and other graphics are missing from the programs that do run (see comment by Bertrand Sereno).

  • chris c

    guys you are aware that Ranger Rick is not taking bug reports currently aren’t you? Some stuff runs and some stuff doesn’t and that is the way it is going to be for the next little bit.
    I have had better luck running them under 10.3 then I have had 10.2.8, and I don’t know why that may be but *shrugs* so are the mysteries of early alpha builds.
    one bit of advice I can give you is the install order looks wrong to me. I think you need to check out the order on KDE.org since I am not 100% sure of it anymore. I think it goes QT, then kdelibs, then arts, then kdebase and the rest of it. Or you could just use the metapkg and not worry about it. But that will install a bunch more stuff unless you choose custom install and deselect some of it.
    But everyone please relax and let Rick do his voodoo on this and hold off on the bug reports. It is amazing that it is working at all. And since he is the only one it looks like in the whole world (bit of an exageration I am sure since he probably did get some nice people answer the call for help broadcast), working on it we really don’t want him to throw a rod or something..*G*
    Let the mad doctor work… sure right now the monster has bolts in its neck and a flat top head… but at least it is alive!
    He will get around to the lightning bolt beehive hairdoo model with the nice caboose in a bit….

  • Sonix

    Sorry, sorry, I didn’t know that.
    I just posted this because of the previous comments regarding how well these packages work on Jaguar (which they have not been tested on, according to the download page).
    Anyway, I’ll try the metapkg and wait quietly for updates… πŸ™‚

  • ME

    Thanks for the reminder. I’m looking so forward to being able to run KOffice on OS X that I forget that it is basically a one person show. He has done one hell of a job so far as I’m concerned.

  • chris c

    Yeah he does cover a lot of ground for just one guy!! It must have something to do with that “undying alien” thing further down the page….

  • KDE for Macs

    KDE is a desktop environment for UNIX and Linux that runs on top of XFree. In my opinion, the environment and it’s software packages are the very best UNIX / Linux desktop environment / software out there. Enter Ranger Rick,…

  • Installed via WebDAV last night. Took several hours, but who’s really surprised by that? Anyway, I haven’t done extensive testing but stuff seems to work great.
    A huge thank you for all of your great work! You deserve it!

  • Bernd

    BTW KOffice does work real nicely on my Panther. It only crashed once when I tried to convert a Word file. That didn’t really matter though. Was just testing. Instead of direct printing which doesn’t yet work properly one should save as rtf or whatever kind of format and then print from another prog. I like it a lot since it also suppors arabic and stuff.

  • And on that happy note, perhaps installing mt-blacklist would be a good idea? (if you’re not sure what I’m babbling about, you can e-mail me about it. I’ll be glad to help.)

  • chris c

    why blacklist them? Just send them a bill for the advertising at a greatly inflated rate since they did not ask about it ahead of time. Sure they are probably overseas but hey the banks that process the credit cards are in the US and they will recognize a US judgement and pay out…..
    Just a thought

  • Hi,
    >But everyone please relax and let Rick do his
    >voodoo on this and hold off on the bug reports. It
    >is amazing that it is working at all. And since he
    >is the only (…)
    I wouldn’t say that I am completely stressed; and I had given a clear enough congratulations (and thankful) statement on the fact that it was working.
    Now, that was a mere question about something which to me was more of a minor nag, as some of the apps do work; this icon problem could have been met by someone else before. I thought such a comment, its general tone, and the accompanying question wouldn’t have been that ‘dΓ©placΓ©s’ but nevermind.
    Keep up the great work, RangerRick. I’ll keep on doing my OSX/KDE evangelism work for my friends and colleagues πŸ™‚

  • mt-blacklist is already installed, it’s just not infallible =)

  • Wait wait wait, you mean it’s not perfect? Uhg! My dreams are shattered! My every hope and prayer, gone!
    Hehe, well with that installed I call it due dilligence. πŸ™‚

  • S Page

    Don’t thank the man, BUY him stuff off his wishlist. But please, NOT the Monty Python videos, just music CD’s so he can keep his eyes on the computer screen πŸ™‚
    I’m running KDE 3.2.1 on X11 from Fink unstable and it’s pretty solid, but it’ll be fascinating — heck groundbreaking — to compare the same apps running on two radically different window systems. It’ll help Trolltech and Apple and the various X organizations improve their work and interoperate better. I can’t wait… I must wait.