(Announcement Sent to fink-announce) KDE 3.2.0 and KOffice 1.3 in Fink Unstable

KDE 3.2.0 for Fink Released

KDE 3.2.0 is now available in the unstable 10.3 (Panther) tree.
This release contains significant new features and bugfixes.

For a general idea of what's changed, see the official announcement


The following is a list of changes related specifically to the Fink
release of KDE:

  • qt 3.2.3 has had a number of bugfixes, including fixes to
    using Qt with qmake-based projects, and a few minor speed boosts
  • most of the changes from the KDE 3.1.x series in Fink have been
    sent upstream to the KDE folks so the amount of patches in the
    current fink packages are considerably smaller
  • KOffice is back, although not all filters work yet. Expect
    revisions as things get cleaned up.
  • Some post-3.2.0 patches are in these packages as well, to fix
    several big bugs that were found after the initial release by the
    KDE team.


KDE 3.2.0 is available in both the 10.2-gcc3.3 and 10.3 trees, in


To install these packages you will need to update your package
listings, by doing:

fink selfupdate

You must have unstable enabled, and be configured to pull packages
through CVS or RSync, not just updating at "point release". If you
are currently tracking point releases, you can run
"fink selfupdate-rsync" (preferred) or "fink selfupdate-cvs".

For more information on enabling unstable, see:


Once you have a fresh package listing, you can update by running
"fink update-all" if you have an existing KDE installation. If you
did not previously have KDE installed, you can run "fink install
" (or "fink install bundle-kde" if US export laws
prevent you using strong crypto).

Problems? Questions?

If you have questions or problems, please try the Fink mailing lists:

Fink Beginners: http://www.finkproject.org/lists/fink-beginners.php
Fink Users: http://www.finkproject.org/lists/fink-users.php

Or, you can contact the maintainer (me).

I expect there will probably be some upgrade issues, I've done a lot
of testing of the 3.2 series from prerelease on, but things always
pop up. I will do my best to get things fixed up as soon as

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15 comments to (Announcement Sent to fink-announce) KDE 3.2.0 and KOffice 1.3 in Fink Unstable

  • Andrew Rechnitzer

    Hi and thanks for all the KDE work.
    I am trying to do the 3.2 upgrade using the 10.2-gcc3.3 tree.
    I get the following error
    bash-2.05a$ fink install bundle-kde-ssl
    /usr/bin/sudo /sw/bin/fink install bundle-kde-ssl
    Information about 3056 packages read in 1 seconds.
    WARNING: The package arts Depends on arts-shlibs,
    but arts-shlibs only allows things to BuildDepend on it.
    Failed: Can’t resolve dependency “freetype2-hinting-dev” for package “arts-1.2.0-11” (no matching packages/versions found)
    when I look for “freetype2-hinting-dev” it doesn’t exist. I see that it does exist for the 10.3 tree, but not for 10.2-gcc3.3
    Any ideas?

  • Whups. Fixed package should be making it’s way to the mirrors right now.

  • Andrew Rechnitzer

    Thanks…. it appears to be working now….

  • Andrew Rechnitzer

    Hi again….
    now I am not so sure that it is working:
    In file included from pmtext.cpp:29:
    /sw/include/klocale.h: In function `QString tr2i18n(const char*, const char*)’:
    /sw/include/klocale.h:509: warning: non-local function `const
    FT_EXPORT()::KCalendarSystem* KLocale::calendar()’ uses local type `const
    /sw/include/klocale.h:1055: warning: non-local function `static QString
    KLocale::_initLanguage(FT_EXPORT()::KConfigBase*)’ uses local type `
    /sw/include/klocale.h:1151: warning: non-local function `void
    KLocale::initCatalogue(FT_EXPORT()::KCatalogue&)’ uses local type `
    /sw/include/klocale.h:1190: warning: non-local function `static QString
    KLocale::catalogueFileName(const QString&, const FT_EXPORT()::KCatalogue&)’
    uses local type `const FT_EXPORT()::KCatalogue’
    pmtext.cpp:31: confused by earlier errors, bailing out
    make[3]: *** [pmtext.lo] Error 1
    make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
    make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
    make: *** [all] Error 2
    NAME-3.2.0-11 make-build failed!
    ### execution of /var/tmp/tmp.1.uozOYw failed, exit code 1
    Failed: compiling kdegraphics3-3.2.0-11 failed

  • Ove Ranheim

    I got the exact same error.
    Any ideas what’s causing it?

  • stephane

    I can’t find a binary version using fink commander.
    I’m not used to fink subtilities, are we required to compile it ?

  • It’s unstable, so yes, you’re required to compile it. Only stable has binaries made (at semi-annual intervals).

  • Joshua May

    I compliled “kde-bundle-ssl” to the tune of 24hours + (G4 867 12″ Powerbook) but no Koffice. Does this mean that Koffice was a part of the “bundle” but failed to compile? Or do I have to “fink install koffice” now?
    Sorry, I’m a little new to this, never used KDE before. Thanks for all your work though!
    P.S. – Now that I think of it, I don’t need the “kde-bundle” if all I want is koffice, right? Guess I could have saved myself a lot of compile time…

  • If I had to bet, Joshua, you didn’t enable unstable — there’s no KOffice in stable yet, but bundle-kde-ssl definitely includes KOffice in the unstable version.

  • Brian Warren

    Indeed – KOffice is included, however, mine doesn’t launch. 🙁 Well, it tries to and then poops out.
    Nice work on KDE, enjoying it here. And I have KOffice working on Mac, so not too big a loss to not have it on X11/KDE

  • Joshua May

    Hey Ranger Rick,
    In regards to your question, I thought I had unstable configured.
    I changed the tree line in my /sw/etc/fink.conf to:
    Trees: local/main unstable/main unstable/crypto stable/main stable/crypto local/bootstrap
    I did that because of what I read here (all the way at the bottom):
    Apparently that didn’t work, because if I run dselect and search for KDE, it’s obvious that I have KDE 3.14.2 (or something like that installed).
    Ok, so I guess I need to add some line to my /sw/etc/apt/sources.list (which I thought was only for point releases).
    I can’t seem to figure out which line to add though, none of the lines I add or uncomment seem to work.
    Ah ha! Maybe I have to uncomment
    deb file:/sw/fink unstable main crypto
    and then run
    fink update-all (I have KDE now)
    Or maybe someone using Panther possibly be able to post their working unstable sources.list here?
    And this time let me ask outright (assuming a working unstable fink): if I only want kOffice and not KDE I can just do fink install koffice, right?
    Thanks so much, hope I am not being confusing.

  • unstable is source-only, you can’t get it through apt-get or dselect, only “fink install”.

  • just to discuss…
    it seems ‘too bad’ that everybody have to compile it, just because it’s unstable. What is the reason why things in unstable are source-only ?
    and to discuss a little bit further: imagine I want to modify, say, ksvg, I have to compile everything that ksvg depends upon (ie kdelibs) , though what I need is only the last binaries and the headers… what would be _cool_ is to have a dev repository, maybe a rsync one, on which we can grab dev binaries.
    I’m not sure those comments even worth 0.02€…

  • This has been discussed many times on the Fink lists. Short version is a combination of finishing up an automated process for building, as well as being able to get a minimum of quality out of the bindist.
    If you want binaries for unstable, use rob braun’s unofficial dist:

  • Scott

    I get an error when compiling:

    /usr/bin/libtool: internal link edit command failed
    make[1]: *** [../lib/libqt-mt.3.2.3.dylib] Error 1
    make: *** [sub-src] Error 2
    ### execution of /var/tmp/tmp.2.gUYRgj failed, exit code 2
    Failed: compiling qt3-3.2.3-23 failed