Looks like I didn't get the Fink packages ready in time. =)
I've still got a few dep bits to clean up, and some upgrade testing to do, so it looks like the packages won't be ready until probably wednesday or thursday (more likely thursday).
Ah well, I was close...
On the bright side, it takes so long for people to build KDE that I won't get bug reports until the weekend. <grin>

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11 comments to D’oh!

  • jameso

    Niceness, i am glad there is someone doing this, as self nominated president of the mac community (steve, i own u) i thank you with all my heart.
    no really, thank you man.

  • S Page

    I heard about your KDE on Mac , now I see you’re working on KDE on X11 on Mac. I *think* I understand the difference 🙂
    I’ve never installed or used KDE, but I have Fink, Xcode, and X11 installed and a lot of UNIX command-line experience. Which flavor do you recommend, KDE on X11 on Mac or KDE direct to Mac? (Have you compared them?)
    Both sound like awesome work, thanks indeed!

  • Well, KDE natively on the mac all started because I did the original port of KDE on X11 on the mac a year or two ago. KDE has worked natively since shortly before KDE 3.0, and it was in Fink pretty much right away.
    KDE 3.2 was just released, and what I’ve been working on is updating the Fink packages to 3.2.
    For now, I’d recommend KDE/X11 on the mac because the native stuff is just still too obviously pre-alpha. There’s much work to do in that department before they’re generally useful and working.

  • Sebastiaan van Stijn

    I just read that troll has released QT3.3, will that influence your work? Will it improve? (I read it now supports 64 bit, XCode and precompiled headers (I’m don’t have much experience with the whole compiling stuff, but this allows using the IBM XL-compilers for parts of the project?), and also some cosmetical stuff (support for semi-transparent widgets))
    More info on the new QT can be found here;
    Good luck on your project!

  • Our binaries are already built against the 3.3.0 beta1, I’m working on 3.3.0 final packages right now.
    It won’t really affect that much, should be mostly bugfixes. 🙂

  • Michael Flanagan

    Could you update the wiki page dealing with building this yourself? Some of the links on there point to dmg’s that don’t exist.
    I’d like to try compiling this myself but if you could update the wiki, I’m sure I’d save myself oddles of head bashing. 🙂

  • The links should all point to kde.opendarwin.org now. You want the DMGs from there.

  • Alex V

    RR, how’s the KDE/X11 stuff coming along? When are you planning on releasing it?

  • I was planning on releasing today, but I’ve run into some hinky stuff in font handling that needs resolution first.
    I’ll post to my blog when I know more.

  • Vincent Philion

    Hi, fantastic work! I installed koffice and was amazed!
    One question: it seems Karbon14 is absent. Am I right? Is it more difficult to port?
    Keep up the good work!

  • Yeah, Karbon14 is using some X-specific types and stuff for manipulating image data, so it’s not really working yet, if I recall correctly.