KDE/X11 3.2.0

Just a quick update, the KDE builds have been going well, I've been doing a bunch of cleanup on the info files, and making scripts to make it easier to manage 10.2-gcc3.3 and 10.3 concurrently (I actually generate the info files from a "common" set.) I'll probably be all finished up this weekend, and will be ready for a release along with the source, if things continue as they are. (yay)

And so, I'll leave you with this:

<RangerRick> now I know... uhh... a mac address
<Sortova> sshh
<Sortova> Everyone will want one

Made more progress over the weekend, all that's left to do is make sure upgrading over the previous binaries works, and clean up some new dependencies, and I'm set. I also think I've fixed Qt so it works better with qmake projects.

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13 comments to KDE/X11 3.2.0

  • chris

    Can that exchange be any more cryptic?

  • DHO

    good work!!!
    yes, the mac addres conspiracy. :\

  • indoelring

    A link from the main page would be nice, had to scan stories for one. Or maybe there is a link and I am moving to quick.

  • A link to what? From the main page of what?
    KDE 3.2.0 isn’t out yet, it’s only been released to packagers like me, or the people making RPMs, for release.

  • Jeremy Petzold

    so this means….?
    this means that KDE for Mac will be .dmg installable now? if that is the case, will individual apps be installable with out KDE at some point?

  • This is KDE/X11, not KDE/Mac. This is the KDE that’s been available for Fink over a year, it’s just that KDE 3.2.0 is coming out soon.
    KDE for Mac is already dmg installable at http://kde.opendarwin.org/ — it’s just pre-alpha. =)

  • John Morrison

    yeah, it’s cool as hell but really buggy
    and it needs an uninstaller like crazy, took me forever to clear all those hidden files from my HD, i’m pretty sure i got it all off though.
    I’d reformat but i’d lose some of my shareware.

  • Michael Flanagan

    You should change the Qt defaults to use the OSX widgets by default.
    I had to go in and manually change it to use the OSX themed widgets.
    Keep up the awsome work! 🙂

  • John Morrison

    doh! i feel dumb, thanx
    now if i only knew how to run that script, lol
    man i need to learn more programming skills before i play with things like this

  • Michael Flanagan

    Thanks Soeren,
    I’d already found the wiki.
    I’m just saying that I think that the default widget theme ought to be the OSX theme. It’s being installed exclusivly onto OSX, why would you want to have it be somthing else?
    I don’t have a problem modifying a conf file, but you know that 95% of the rest of the people who are downloading and installing this probably don’t know how to and will never find the wiki telling them how to do it.

  • It should be, yes, but somewhere in the code kde’s setting it to Keramik by default, and I haven’t found where yet.
    This sounds kind of like a bug report, which we’re not accepting yet. <grin>

  • Soeren Kuklau

    John: I updated http://ranger.befunk.com/phpwiki/index.php/FAQ to give a more detailed answer on how to cleanly remove KDE. Hope that helps 🙂
    Michael: In addition to what Ranger Rick wrote, remember that this port of KDE is nowhere near “production-ready”. An “end-user compatible” version would of course have defaults that fit more in the OS X design.