KDE/Mac Status

So it may seem like things are pretty quiet, but actually a lot has been happening behind the scenes. Unfortunately, for now there's a lot of research that has to be done before noticable progress will happen.

  1. I've been looking into how authentication and the keychain work. It seems that kdesu can be replaced with OSX's authorization framework. KWallet has a pretty nice-looking API that is abstract enough that it appears it should be relatively easy to reimplement the backend portion with calls to OSX's keychain.
  2. Tanner has been looking into the mess that is KKey. It's currently a twisty maze of x11-specific stuff; it looks like it could be refactored into a very lightweight set of calls to Qt's key handling. *crosses fingers*
  3. I've been doing more research into how KDE starts other programs, and their interaction, as well as talking with an Apple engineer on how to get around the issue where fork loses mach ports (and thus the GUI).
  4. Benjamin Meyer (aka IceFox) has started a revolution in bringing up getting high-quality versions of the KDE icons for 3.2. He's also working on building as much as he can so he can show off our current status at LinuxWorld Expo.

All of this will eventually bear fruit but it makes it seem like nothing's really going on. I assure you, we're getting places. I'll let you know when something happens. =)

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