If you didn't notice, there was the start of a new binary release up on the binary site.
Unfortunately, it looks like kdelibs has broken enough things that it's pretty much unusuable right now for anything reasonable complex (ie, kwrite works, that's about it...)
Guess I'll have to give kdelibs another shot tomorrow; I think I'm going to have to revert to the Jan. 6th patch and then make only a few changes from what I've done now. I'll keep you posted, there's a *lot* of great changes that you could be playing with if only I hadn't screwed up kdelibs. =)

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5 comments to Damn.

  • So *this* is why all my Koffice apps died after I installed the new support binaries tonight… 🙂
    Seriously though, keep up the great work. Kword was running a bit rough–trying to print froze the app–but I’m assuming things might be a little smoother after the revised stuff goes online later, whenever it gets ready…

  • dho

    good work so far 🙂
    regardless of this small setback, you are doing a great job.
    keep it up!

  • JP

    I installed all the dependent binary packages and restarted (10.3.2). I get a message saying “Could not open network socket. Make sure dcopserver program is running”.
    I’ve authenticated the root user in netinfo.
    Any advice? If I can’t get this to work at this current stage in the build version how do I un-install all these packages (and then I will install a future release)?
    Thanks so much. Great work!

  • That error doesn’t mean anything, you can ignore it.

  • tim

    make sure you have Apple’s X11 installed. It solved the dcopserver probelm for me.