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I got interviewed by EWeek yesterday. Seems like having KOffice somewhat working is making a lot of waves. =)
It's pretty good, although he got Fink confused (calling it "Think"). Not too big a deal, although our Fink PR dude will probably kill me.

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  • Awesome dude. Is porting just a matter of taking the source code and building binaries on your Mac, testing them, applying patches and rebuilding. Is there an easy way for some who has only one Mac and a bunch of Linux boxes to help out?

  • ME

    I look forward to reading the article in my weekly eweek delivery.

  • This is great. Maybe I’m really dense, but I just installed the koffice pkg in the dmg file and can’t find anything in the usual Mac places. Do I need to install anything else? Is there a .app somewhere?

  • Well, the newest kdelibs package (from this afternoon sometime) should have made a link in /Applications/KDE, but if it’s not working, you should be able to open the “real” directory, /opt/kde/Applications.
    I’m starting fresh with building packages on 10.2, and while I do that I’m also gonna clean up the app stuff to use Benjamin Meyer’s new app-folder generation script, and to put stuff directly in /Applications/KDE.

  • Thanks. Is there anything else that needs to be installed? When I double click the .app bundle the program begins to start and then just goes away. I only installed the koffice dmg. I assumed it has Qt and the other dependencies included. If not, what dependencies do I need? Much thanks for making this available! It’s much more “native” than OpenOffice or NeoOffice is right now.

  • It doesn’t have the dependencies. Read the text on the download page. (grin)

  • Thanks and sorry. I just saw the files and never scrolled down to read the text…

  • Toners

    Great work on this, it’s all very exciting! I installed all of the various packages but when I launch one of the KOffice applications it starts to bounce in the dock, then a KDEInit terminal application icon starts to bounce, then a second KDEInit application icon. The KOffice application dies and the KDEInit keeps launching and quitting instances of itself. Anyone any ideas as to why?

  • Regarding the Fink or Think thing: there’s actually a linguistical term for confusing the “F” sound and the “Th” sound, but for the other way round. The term is called, I’m told, “TH-fronting”.
    I know this as a friend of my girlfriend does research into accents, and I’ve been teased as I pronounce “free” and “three” with an “f” sound.

  • It’s not really a big deal, I understand what happened (the interview was done over the phone), it just got through editing, that’s all. =)