And A Breakneck Speed It Is

If you haven't noticed, I put some binaries up for KOffice. This should give people an idea of the kinds of things that are still broken, but it's suprising how much works. =)
IceFox also figured out a good way to manage the app bundles so that applications can come bundled with all of their resources (the things that would normally have gone into $KDEDIR/share/apps/<appname>).
That's not part of these binaries yet, but hopefully we'll figure out how to incorporate them into the build soon.

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22 comments to And A Breakneck Speed It Is

  • Chris C

    great googly moogly! At the speed you are moving on this there must be a noticeable red tint to the light in your room…

  • Gotta go back to work tomorrow, expect me to slow down quite a bit. =)

  • iindigo

    Your step-mom actually said that? Man… 😛
    Keep up the good work 😉

  • You just keep doin’ what you’re doin’. There aare a lot of us out here who are very mcuh cheering you on. 🙂

  • KDE Office for Mac on its way

    Nicely done. The team (is it a whole team or just one guy? I cannot tell) working on portin KOffice to a native (as native as it can get) OS X application is already releasing little previews. I’m excited. If…

  • KDE Office for Mac on its way

    Nicely done. The team (is it a whole team or just one guy? I cannot tell) working on portin KOffice to a native (as native as it can get) OS X application is already releasing little previews. I’m excited. If…

  • Cochrane

    Man, you’re fast! I’m currentyl downloading it and looking forward to trying it out

  • Chris C

    it works! by gumby! it works! Thanks a TON saved me a whole lot of compiling. Now all I have to concentrate on is KDEBASE so I can make Konqi for my Mom (she really really loves Konqueror).
    should ask the question though… are you going to be posting a binary of it? Not that I am unwilling to build it and all its just that if that is in the works within the timeframe it will take me build it I won’t bother.
    This has been the best indication that I need to get a new machine….. I couldn’t download and build my first usable app before you posted binaries…*L*

  • tim

    After installing binaries and rebooting (Panther 10.3.2, airport)…
    “Could not open network socket”
    Please check that “dcopserver” is running?
    Any ideas?
    (great work by the way. Being able to run KDE apps is going to be HUGE for bringing the Mac/*nix communities closer together!)

  • Yeah, I’ve got a kdebase package uploading right now, check back in an hour or so. =)
    As to why I can build so fast, my buddy Tarus over at has a dual G5 he’s letting me distcc to. =)

  • Dennis SCP

    Wow, you guys really should be living and working in Europe, being this productive in spare time. You could really make use of 2 weeks x-mas and 6 weeks summer vacation.

  • Gerk

    Yummy … distcc is very very nice to have around 🙂
    Keep up the good work Ranger Rick! I’m waiting eagerly for kdebase … I want kate!! 🙂

  • lolopb

    I also have the message about dcopserver. When I try to launch it from a terminal, it says it can’t find iceauth which is effectively absent on my drive. Any idea ?

  • So what are the chances of us mac users being able to have the embedded FISH protocol? How sweet would it be to be able to edit, open, and browse server files directly from an File Dialog window in os x?

  • lolopb

    I found the solution for the dcopserver issue, I just needed to install Apple X11 on my test machine, iceauth is part of XFree86.
    Thanks for the great job guys, if only someone could see if kile ( is ready to compile, that would be great for me 🙂

  • Brandon, I’ve been thinking about that. It would be really cool to make a generic kioslave wrapper that works like the webdavfs stuff. Not sure how possible it would be.

  • Charlie

    Wow, using FISH in OS X dialogs and applications would be amazing. For me, FISH is one of the biggest reasons I want to use Konqueror on OS X! Hope it’s feasible…
    Great job on all of this so far!

  • palomino64

    Echo grubi’s comment. Keep at it!

  • Rick, thats exactly what I’m thinking… Since I really no nothing about kioslave, I would be a worthless help. All I know, is as soon as my powerbook finally gets here, Im going to spend night and day trying to figure out a solution…

  • Alex

    Just to pass on my congratulaions. Just installed all the packages, along with X11, and everything is working, out of the box. Amazing!
    Keep up the good work!

  • didz

    Installed all the base packages. ran konqueror, but i cant enter addresses, it says malformed url and the page stays grey
    DCOP: unregister ‘anonymous-15891’
    kdeinit: PID 15891 terminated.
    kio (KSycoca): Trying to open ksycoca from /private/var/tmp/kdecache-rich/ksycoca
    kio (KSycoca): Could not open ksycoca
    kio (KSycoca): ERROR: No database available!
    klauncher: Exiting on read_socket errno: 2
    DCOP: unregister ‘klauncher’
    konqueror: _url filtered into
    konqueror: KonqMainWindow::openURL : url = ‘’ serviceType=” view=0x0

  • Hi Benjamin,
    Installed the latest packages. Konqueror and Kate are up and running. Great work! Wish I knew more to help out…
    Posted some info about “KDE on Darwin Project” at the macosxhints forums:
    And a link to a screenshoot (last picture) of Konqueror and Kate:
    Will keep posting as the Project goes further.
    Thanks a lot for all the hard work!