Development Update

Just thought I'd give an update on what's going on.
First of all, we released fink 0.17.1 to unstable recently. It's looking like a pretty good release. Having to get things ready for the 10.2-gcc3.3 and 10.3 really gave us the kick in the pants we needed to start really working on fink, the program, again. It'd languished with very few changes for a long time. We've recently had a new renaissance in doing development on fink, and a lot of cool stuff has come out of it. It doesn't hurt that we've got not Just Another Perl Hacker actively working on it too. Imagine, an actual test suite! Crazy!
Second, I put together updates for XFree86 that should fix some long-standing issues. Both trees (10.2-gcc3.3 and 10.3) contain fixes to backwards compatibility in the freetype2 that's provided with XFree86. This will fix the issue of needing to rebuild qt3 for everyone but Apple X11 users on Panther. In addition, the 10.3 tree contains an XFree86 4.3.99 snapshot that's looking pretty good (the old 4.3.0 one doesn't actually work, although it builds). Only problem so far is that it appears there's a crash bug upon exit that Torrey's currently looking into. Once that's found I'll update the XFree86 package and then I think it'll be ready for stable.
I'm working on KDE some more this weekend. The base packages of KDE all appear to be in pretty good shape. Arts, KOffice, and KDevelop all still need some work before they're releasable though. I'm looking into KDevelop tonight, and I'm really hoping to have KOffice hammered out this weekend, but we'll see; it's a tricky thing to track down.
Anyways, time to get back to my KDevelop build -- happy hacking!
I got KDevelop working with KDE 3.2 beta1; next up is KOffice. Woot!

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6 comments to Development Update

  • pem

    Where is the qt/mac based kde/darwin project ? Are we going to be able to get binaries ?

  • It’s on hold until I have time to work on it. Are you volunteering to work on porting? I’m not the only one capable of making kde work on Qt/Mac, you’re welcome to pick up where I last left off. =)

  • pem

    Thanks, but I’m beginner in development, and I’m not sure that porting kde is really for newbies 😉

  • blugel

    oh? i thought all this talk of kde-building was in relation to qt/mac. you mean this has all been in terms of the qt that was used before trolltech released a specific mac version? damn, was really looking forward to trying koffice.

  • I didn’t mention it this time, but at least in previous updates I had said this was about KDE 3.2 beta1 on Qt/X11 — Right now I’m still trying to get Fink ducks in order, before I go back to working on Qt/Mac stuff.

  • Yo, what’s up R-Dawg
    I thought I should leave you a little note, since you are DA MAN,