It’s Amazing What You Find When You Clean


I'm doing a ton of laundry today, right? And I open up the dryer and pull out my coat and *clunk*, out pops this:


...and I think to myself, "Hmm... That's odd. That looks like a battery for a phone or something."

And then...

I realize.

Batteries for phones are usually attached to...




So, uhh... I guess it's time for a trip to the Sprint store tomorrow. =)

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2 comments to It’s Amazing What You Find When You Clean

  • That display looks kinda cool now though 🙂
    My Sony Ericsson T68i is in for repair at the moment, and I’ve borrowed an old T39 from a friend whilst it’s away. I really like the T39’s flippy keypad-guard-come-microphone-thingy – there’s just something so natural about a folding phone.

  • That sucks dude. Reminds me of my dad. While at a stoplight, he put the phone on the dashboard of his car. Light turned green. He hit the gas. The phone slid off the dash and right into his cup of coffee. Lots of fizzing and flying sparks followed.