Thought you could trick me?

* RangerRick sees the slashdot headline "NASCAR Coursebuilders, Drivers Consult Videogame Version" and wonders how much consulting there can be on figuring out new innovative ways to make an oval.
<RangerRick> just don't tell anyone from north carolina I said that, they'll kick me out of the state
<drm> shhhh
<bbraun> RangerRick: you don't have a mullet, do you?
<RangerRick> nope
<bbraun> do you have a mailbox as a hood scoop on your car?
<RangerRick> haha, nope.
<bbraun> what are you doing in north carolina then?
<RangerRick> irc'ing
<RangerRick> same as drm
<drm> you like NC barbeque, RangerRick?
<RangerRick> which part of NC? hah! I at least know that's a trick question.

They take their bar-be-que pretty seriously around here. Just don't let it get out that I think NASCAR is stupid. 😉

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1 comment to Thought you could trick me?

  • Oval design is like, very complicated stuff, with radiuses, and circumferences, and degrees and stuff. Hell, planetary orbits are ovals you know, and planet stuff is REALLY complicated! With all the gravity, and asteroid collisions, and apogees and parogees and mass and stuff. So, as you can tell from my scientic analysis of ovals, nascar tracks are complicated!