Lazy Sunday

Been sittin' here, building KDE stuff, and watching the cats work out an uneasy truce. My cat (Puff) is a 17-year-old female, I got her when I was in junior high. My roommate's cats are 4-year-old males. So, of course, my cat terrorizes the others.
Here's puff:
Puff in the Sunlight
...and here's the showdown that seems to happen every couple of days now:
Showdown at the House of Bastardville
It's quite hilarious. Larry's cats will slink around, afraid to move too fast for fear of getting Puff's attention.
Go granny!

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3 comments to Lazy Sunday

  • blugel

    haha, those pictures are great! we have a 12-year-old female persian, a few-years-old male siberian huskey outside, and now a female pug puppy inside. Its pretty damn clear who rules the household, even though she’s a cat. I need to get pictures of it sometime. And yes, keep up the good work with the KDE port =)

  • Funny how all bloggers seem to be cat people. 🙂

  • Only cat people are home enough to enjoy blogging… or maybe bloggers are the only ones home long enough to enjoy cats? I dunno.