Fink Circular Dependency Problem Fixed

For those of you having problems updating to 10.2-gcc3.3 or 10.3 from a previous Fink release, the problem should be fixed now. To get the update, you should do a "fink selfupdate-rsync" or "fink selfupdate-cvs" and then retry your "fink update-all".
It was all my fault, I failed to mark fink-prebinding as "essential". The way it works is, all packages automatically depend on essential packages (except essential ones, of course, that would be silly). Essential packages must always be built before any other packages.
The current fink tree has essential packages that depend on fink-prebinding, but, fink-prebinding wasn't essential. So it was impossible for it to be built before the things that need it could. Fink got confused and gave up.

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