At the Apple Store

Well, we're Apple Store. I'm not in this picture because I'm taking it. <grin> I'll be sitting with my Powerbook next to my buddy Larry for the next 12 minutes. If you're in Raleigh, NC, standing outside the Apple Store, and recognize this wall, stop by and say hi!

Panther Release Party

You know what's really funny? I'm an ADC member. I've already got Panther.

DAMN I'm a geek.

Oh yeah, and I'm building kdebase3-ssl with distcc, distributing the compile over Apple's wireless to my G4 at home. =)

[Update: Got some more pictures from inside.]

10 Percent Off
Crowd Shot (1)
Crowd Shot (2)
Crowd Shot (3)
Crowd Shot (4)
Panther Demo

They also handed out dog tags:

Dog Tags (Front)
Dog Tags (Back)

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7 comments to At the Apple Store

  • Such A Geek

    So I’m sitting outside on the pavement outside of the Apple Store, waiting to get Panther. I’m such a geek. I’m not even going to install it tonight (I don’t think)! I’m headed to the mountains this weekend, and I…

  • rand

    Nice, I wish I went to this just for the dog tags…
    Question Rick, if you put your powerbook to sleep, what happens with the distcc distributed compile? Does it fail or just continue on the home system?

  • Well, the powerbook is the one distributing to everything else, so the build would just stop. =)

  • But presumably any active clients would get upset when they tried to return results to the coordinator?
    I’ll have to test this out of curiosity at some point 🙂

  • But presumably the client nodes would get upset when they try to return results to the coordinator?
    I’ll have to try this at some point today out of curiosity 🙂

  • Damn damn damn damn 🙂

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