A mystery solved…

So it turns out this is why the Fink KDE 3.1.x packages haven't been building right on panther and 10.2 with gcc 3.3. It's a freakin' weird problem, I'm just glad I know what it is now. Removing the -isystem stuff from the build fixes it.
I'm working on 3.1.4 packages right now, it's due any day. I should be ready, now that I've gotten past kdebase.

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2 comments to A mystery solved…

  • Brian

    Please advise as to whether or not this is a proper help forum. I love KDE and the WM, apps, appearance-the whole package is a work of art!! But I have trouble on my TiBook, 15″G41 GHz, 1GigRAM with some apps and features and I need help!

  • No, this is not a forum, it’s my blog. =)
    If you’re having problems with the Fink or OpenDarwin packages, their discussion forums are the correct place to ask questions…