system-xfree86 just got a little less ugly

So, building on Peter O'Gorman's work, I've modified his virtual package stuff so that Fink now natively provides all the right things for packages to understand your already-installed X11 system.

So, if you have XFree86 4.3 installed, for example, you end up with this:

Package: system-xfree86
Status: install ok installed
Version: 2:4.3-1
description: [placeholder for user installed x11]
provides: x11, x11-shlibs, libgl, libgl-shlibs, xft2, xft1-shlibs, xft2-shlibs, rman, fontconfig1, fontconfig1-shlibs

...all automatically detected by fink (and dpkg, and apt-get) without having to know which system-foo package to install. Peter, you rock!

This is only in Fink CVS, I'm not sure when we'll release it, but I'm definitely looking forward to that day. Of course, there is the matter of upgrades...

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