Saturday Night (Is Alright for Porting)

So I got a metric buttload of Fink packaging done today. These are all in my experimental tree, for those wanting to... err... well, experiment. Expect to see them in unstable tomorrow after I've gotten some sleep. <grin>

First of all, I got PostgreSQL updated to 7.3.4. Some minor tweaks happened to the packages, including an update to the passwd package that makes positive "postgres" (the user) is in "postgres" (the group), since I got some complaints about weirdness there. Also, the perl, tcl, and python subpackages all automatically create and drop their language bits from the database (well, from template1 if you know anything about PostgreSQL-isms) automatically on install or removal. (As an aside, I fixed a bug in the module-loading so it actually recognizes these things without having to do trickery with file extensions...)

I also updated RRDTool and made it happy with the newer tcl that does some funky stuff with it's that confuses RRDTool's build system.

I updated Tomcat to 4.1.27, and also audited all of it's dependencies for changes. Not much changed, but I did finally get the chance to update Struts to the 1.1 final (and fix some of the jar-handling junk in the package's build).

And finally, the one I've been leading up to (and you know what this is if you noticed what those other packages have in common)... I've updated the OpenNMS packages in preparation for the upcoming 1.1.2 release (w00t!). Not much tweakage was needed to make things happy, just a small amount of bit rot.

Speaking of w00t, I've got a new phrase:

     w00ten tag

It's a greeting when you're having a good morning. 😉

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