Updates from Holger Schroeder

Now that everyone's returned from Nove Hrady, I got an update from Holger Schroeder on what happened in regards to making KDE portable to non-X11 Qt's.
It looks like people were pretty recepting to his patches to switch a lot of the defines to checking for Q_WS_X11 (the X11 version of Qt) rather than just handling only Qt/Embedded specifically. Holger's patch also handles people who want to develop on Qt/X11 but not use any X11-specific features, which should make it easier to do some incremental development.
Those patches are going to go into KDE CVS shortly, and from there we can work on the rest of the cleanup.
Most likely the most difficult bits are handling the qt display (grep for qt_xdisplay in the KDE code and you'll see what I mean), but this should give us a nice head start...

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